Game Design & Development 

Mysfits is a 3rd Party GameDev Studio founded by Randy Angle, a 35+ year veteran of well over 100 video games, tabletop games and toys in all phases of production and management. Our virtual teams use Agile, LEAN and SMAFF techniques to rapidly prototype and iteratively develop games in Unity3D. We provide client's with economical turnkey solutions for mobile, PC and web games. We enjoy making games of all kinds and working with clients and players to make the most successful games.

Randy invented the SMAFF Methodology - the smaller, faster, funner way to iteratively and rapidly develop successful games. It is used by hundreds of game developers all over the world.

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Studio Strengths

• Industry Veteran Leadership

• Game Design & Creative Direction 

• Iterative & Rapid Dev

• Unity3D - iOS, Android, PC and Web

• Art, Audio, Music & QA Testing

• Analytics, PR & Marketing

• User Testing & A/B Testing

• Line item budgets - prioritize your features and get what you pay for

• Competitive rates - "Made in the USA"

• Phased Development to Reduce Risks and Manage Costs

Plan Phase

- Prioritized features list

- Line-item budget

- Game design specification

- Flowchart

- Wireframes

- Art & Audio bible

- Task lists

- Milestone schedule

Prototype Phase

- Playable Unity3D prototype on Android and/or iOS

- Explorations of key game goals

- Proof of Concept

Production Phase

- All code assets and functionality implemented

- All art assets complete and integrated

- All audio assets complete and integrated

- All design assets complete and integrated

- Analytics tagging

Release Phase

- QA testing & Bug Fixing

- Focus Testing with player recordings

- Marketing materials including promo video, 5 app store screens, app icons

- App Store submission for both Google & Apple


Randy Angle is a good manager of people and assets within the creative process. He has the "magic" factor to design and engineer and get a product to market on time and within budget. Add to all of this the trait of honesty and good communication. 

Randy is a master at video game design and development on any platform and any genre. His depth of experience is mind boggling and his ability to deliver outstanding product on time and on budget is phenomenal. Randy and I have worked on a multitude of video game and mobile game projects over the past few years and it has always been a productive and rewarding experience.

There's nothing that Randy Angle hasn't done and done well in his many years making games of all kinds, at all levels of involvement. He's up to speed on everything, all the time -- not just in his direct area of focus -- so he usually has ready solutions for new challenges in his pocket, and when he doesn't, he finds them fast. He is truly a pleasure to work with. 

Hire a Mysfit

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Just contact Randy Angle as your Creative Director & Executive Producer - He will do the rest.