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Phantasies & Imagineering

Creating Whimsical Realms of Adventure...

Making Wonder More Fun since 1977

Something magical happens when you create joy, amazement and laughter with friends. That magic potion includes mixing immersive storytelling with rich world building, engaging characters, fun game mechanics and a whimsical sense of humor.

Our brands deliver those moments of joy and wonder, again and again, with lovingly crafted games, comics and toys. We believe in making the impossible real, and thrive on the smiles and giggles of our loyal fans.

We make:
- Role-Playing Games: Goblin Opera™, Cosmic Opera™, Dragoons20™, d20-Bit Paper RPG™
- Board Games: Pirate Monkeys Away!™
- Card Games: Goblin Alchemy™
- Video Games (iOS, Android, PC...)
- Toys, Comics, T-Shirts & More

Our workshop was founded and operated by the Grand Poobah, Randy Angle, since 1977. It is named after his favorite Dungeons & Dragons character - Gereko Hoppsbusch, as fine a Hobb as ever there was. A life time of D&D and RPGs hasn't twisted Randy's brain - no not at all.

The Grand Poobah says - "Do Good, Annoy Evil"™

Coming Soon...

The Boggarts, Finks, Trolls, Ogres, Mites, Imps, Pixys, Kobolds and all Goblin & Faerie folk are in the workshop now to bring you new games, toys, comics and cool stuff - really soon.

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